Top Ten Pre-Editing Tips (for Even Better Machine Translations)

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With a limited number of relatively small interventions, you can substantially improve the accessibility of the machine-translated information in your post, article, opinion, or other content.

Here are the top ten tips for optimal pre-ediing from our home expert Valentin Descamps.


RWS acquires Iconic

RWS acquires IconicRWS, one of the world’s leading translation and localization providers, announces the acquisition of Iconic Translation Machines. Iconic will form a new vertical language technology business within RWS.


Master's degree in post-editing & quality management

MA Post-Editing & Quality ManagementFor the winter semester 2020/21, the international university at SDI Munich is offering a new master's program in post-editing and quality management, which can largely be completed online.


How is the mood in the European translation sector?

Language Industry Survey 2020How's the mood? We can answer this question in different ways. With hard figures on turnover, profit and investment, of course, but also by gaugeing expectations for turnover, profit and investment in the sector. 

How can we listen to the expectations and concerns that live in the sector. By asking questions about what is important to the sector: human resources, recruitment, outsourcing, the relationship between the different actors in the market (freelance translators and translation companies, for example), cooperation with education, technological developments, of course, also.

Well, that's exactly what the annual Language Industry Survey has been doing since 2013: by means of a survey, trying to understand the sentiment in the European translation sector and the trends that matter for the sector. In other words, by trying to figure out how much confidence does the European translation sector have in itself?

Are you active in the translation segment of the European language sector (as a provider, buyer or training institution), fill out the survey and determine the mood of your industry.


The professional translator in the age of artificial intelligence (Mons, February 4, 2020)

The professional translator in the age of artificial intelligence (Mons, February 4, 2020)The Faculty of Translation and Interpretation (FTI) of the University of Mons (Belgium) is organising a workshop on Tuesday, February 4, 2020, in collaboration with
the Translation Department of the European Commission (DGT) translator in the age of artificial intelligence: new challenges and horizons."

The workshop will focus on the practice of post-editing machine translation in a professional context, as well as adapting the profession of translator to current technological advances.


Keywords Studios acquires Kantan

Keywords Studios acquires KantanKeywords Studios, international technical and creative services provider to the global video games industry, announces the acquisition of KantanMT, developer of automated translation technology and a crowdsourcing translation platform.

The acquisition of Kantan will enable Keywords to provide a fully integrated machine-assisted localisation service.


2nd Translation Technology Summer School (Antwerp)

2nd International Translation Technology Summer SchoolFrom 4 till 8 September 2017, University of Leuven (KU Leuven) organizes the 2nd International Translation Technology Summer School. This one-week event is for language professionals who are looking for a practice-oriented and state-of-the-art introduction to translation and localization issues and tools.


Translation Technology Summer School (Antwerp)

Translation Technology Summer SchoolFrom 29 August till 2 September 2016, University of Leuven (KU Leuven) organizes the 1st International Translation Technology Summer School. This one-week event is for language professionals who are looking for a practice-oriented and state-of-the-art introduction to translation and localization issues and tools.


Cat-training at GentVertaalt (Ghent, BE)

CAT-tools workshops by GentVertaaltThe informal network of freelance translators GentVertaalt offers in the autumn of 2015 in Ghent (Belgium) different CAT-courses.

CAT stands for Computer Aided Translation: computer support for translation work. Today is meant by CAT a wide range of tools, which support and partially automate the translation process.
The CAT-tools in the training of GentVertaalt, are memoQ and SDL Trados Studio.


Translating and the Computer 37

Translating and the Computer conferenceGhent (Belgium), Giorgio Vassallo - The 37th edition of the “Translating and the Computer” conference will be held on November 26 and 27 of 2015 in London. The conference is expected to be an opportunity for users as well as developers of translation technologies to participate in a forum dedicated to translation and language technology.


(Conference in Anger) computer-assisted translation tools

Conference CAT tools, AngersThe TAO-CAT-2015 conference offers a State of the art of computer-assisted translation tools. She wants to gather the whole of the actors of the TAO: translators and actors of translation, translation buyers, publishers of CAT tools agencies, teachers, students, researchers, experts. It will take place on 18, 19 and 20 June 2015 at the Université Catholique de l'Ouest (Angers, France).


Multi Corpora or XTM? Or yet another provider?

Manage translation processes: compare solutionsIf we speak about translation management systems, which have Multi Corpora and XTM then offer? And what other providers and systems still there? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems?


Jonckers expands in the U.S.

Jonckers expands in the U.S.Jonckers, supplier of translation and (especially) localisation applications requested by with headquarters in Brussels, has opened a new location in Denver (in the American state of Colorado).


All-round ICT first line support (vacancy)

Dhaxley looking for an all-round ICT first line support.


And the best free online vertaalmachine is ...

And the best free online vertaalmachine is ...Yes, the free vertaalmachine of Google is the most famous. But it is also the best? And if you do not trust the quality, you can go there than if it seemed itself to do something?

Or is Bing than better anyway? Is it true that you (yet) get better if the Spanish vertaalmachine you Dutch phrases voorvertaalt English first and then in English in the Spanish translation? It helps if you're phrases itself voorvertaalt in French, even if you do not fully French summit?

Studying Geerteruy Yanah of multilingual communication to the Ghent University. During its zomerstage took them two weeks to the fluff. What they found, is not earth shattering but surprisingly. Its onderzoekje suggests at least that more and more thorough investigation may be useful.


ASLING organises Translating and the Computer 2014

ASLING organises Translating and the Computer 36 (from 27 to november 28, 2014 in London)From Thursday 27 to friday, november 28, 2014 is in London the annual conference 'Translating and the Computer' account. This is the 36th edition. Therefore an established value. The most important news about this conference is that it is now organised by the newly established ASLING, international Association pour la promotion des technologies linguistiques / International Association for Advancement in Language Technology.


Memoq for beginners (training)

On 16 October a memoQ GentVertaalt organises training for beginnersThe Gent vertalersnetwerk GentVertaalt organises a memoQ thursday, October 16 training for beginners. MemoQ is a CAT-tool (computer-assisted translation). That is software that professionals more productive and better able to translate. Translation Memory and terminologiebeheer are the main components.


South Koreans get Systran of the stock exchange

South Koreans get Systran of the stock exchangeThe South Korean CSLi, supplier of'S and services, acquired end of last year, a blocking minority in Systran, the French pioneer in automatic'S. Start Today CSLi a public bid for all the shares of Systran which are recorded on the Paris stock exchange. CSLi offers 5 euro per share and the bid until 3 July. The South Korean company announces -christening to go to Systran International.


SDL training to the KU Leuven in Antwerp

SDL-training on the Antwerp campus of the KU LeuvenThe Antwerp campus of the Arts Faculty of the KU Leuven organizes five one-day workshops in May and June 2014, the SDL Trados Studio's of the British translation services and technology provider SDL International.


Language Engineer at Wilkens c. s. in Ghent (vacancy)

Wilkens c. s. in Ghent has a vacancy for a Language Engineer.


Create your own Machine Translation System (Ghent, 24/3)

Build your own Machine Translation systemOn Monday 24 March 2014 CrossLang (Ghent), an independent consultant agency for translation automation, again organises a hands-on training session for translation agencies who want to build their own machine translation system (MT-system): 'Build your own Machine Translation system'.


`s - opportunity or threat? (Conference)

's - opportunity or threat?Is the vertaalbranche ready for 2014? On april 4, 2014 Utrecht-Nieuwegein find in the conference ''s - opportunity or threat' place. This conference presents the latest technological developments in the industry and wants to show how interpreters and translators focus.

'Around me i see that interpreters and translators are sometimes hesitant for the latest developments in the field. Which are often seen as a threat. But at the same time i can see that you can not escape it,' says Danuta Young of the Amsterdamse OCPE, the office for continuing education for interpreters and translators that organizes the conference.


Two vacant posts at OF TAUS

Two vacant posts at OF TAUSOF TAUS, Translation Automation User Society (Amsterdam), has two vacancies. A for a OF TAUS Data & Automation Product Manager, and a Digital Marketing internally.


IWT captures 3 million on the table for Smart Aided Translation Environment

IWT captures 3 million on the table for productivity translatorsHow can translators further increase their productivity? The IWT, the Flemish agency for innovation by Science and Technology let the the next four years by a consortium of the universities of Leuven, Ghent and Hasselt.


Linguee Vertaalzoekmachine now also for the Dutch

Linguee Vertaalzoekmachine now also available for the DutchThe internet is teeming of the translations that someone has ever made. The translations are on (professional translated) web sites of companies, organizations and universities. Other sources are for example EU documents and patents. What if we designed a search engine for translating? A search engine that, in addition to the classical information in dictionaries, shows at each keyword appropriate excerpts from all the translations (and at the same time also the source text)? In this way we present not only the translation of a word, but above all, show immediately how translators and native speakers use that word in context.

This is the idea that Gereon Frahling and Leonard Fink of Linguee started in 2007. Their online search engine for translations is now available also for the combinations Dutch-English and English-Dutch .


Two-day training on localization (Brussels)

Two-day intensive training on localization (KU Leuven - HUBrussel)Locate - the translation of web sites and computer programs - requires of the translator not only a great language and vertaalvaardigheid, but also have an understanding of the technology and a broad concept of the differences between source and doelcultuur. Translate a web site is much more than the web scriptwriter convert.

KU Leuven - HUBrussel organises thursday, January 30 and friday, January 31, 2014 an intensive two-day training on localization. A training for translators and interpreters, but also for computer scientists with an interest in language and multilingualism.


Translating and the Computer (2013)

Translating and the computer (2013)The translation work will evolve. The computer that the vertaalpraktijk has changed, is now itself has changed. The computer also changes what will be translated. There were previously translated documents, now information flows ( 'streams or content' ).


Using Machine Translation Efficiently (training)

Using translation technology efficiently in the translation process can result in time savings of 30% to 50% Machine Translation i.e. MT is hot. No other language service or language product has brought the consumer in such massive, quick and, most of all, close contact with translation as a service or product. Who doesn´t have Google Translate bookmarked?

There is currently a five-day MT Summit in Nice in the South of France. Heidi Depraetere of CrossLang (Ghent) will be leading several presentations today and tomorrow focused on the users. Joachim Van den Bogaert and Nathalie De Sutter (also both CrossLang) will be holding a presentation there on Friday 'Productivity or Quality? Let’s do both!'

Closer to home in Brussels you can learn to work efficiently in October with Systran, Google Translate and Linguatec.


Keep GentVertaalt CAT-tooldemonstratie

Keep GentVertaalt CAT-tooldemonstratieTrados Studio 2011, MemoQ, Wordfast Classic and AnyWhere in action? The Gent vertalersnetwerk GentVertaalt organises on 13 september a CAT-tooldemonstratie.

(Update 10/9/2013: there are still a few places free. A whole afternoon coffee, wi-fi and demos for 10 euros).


Tips and tricks for Déjà Vu (workshop)

Tips and tricks for Déjà Vu (workshop)The Belgian Chamber of translators and interpreters (BKVT) organises tuesday, september 3 in Brussels a workshop 'Tips and tricks for Déjà Vu'.

Déjà Vu is commercial translation software of the French/Spanish developer Atril and supports the translation process. Such software is usually CAT and also TEnT. CAT stands for computer aided/assisted translation and TEnT for translation environment tools. This workshop is a continuation of the workshop 'Déjà Vu for beginners' of 17 June.


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