EU agency seeks interpreting services provider (tender, EUR 3.5 million)

EU agency will buy €3.5 million worth of interpreting services.


Italy: Professional interpreters hit hard by corona crisis

Italian interpreters hit hard by corona virus

Professional interpreters in Italy are suffering the impact of the current health emergency, in all regions and cities of Italy, regardless of the presence of an actual infection.

All across Italy, there is "a worrying decline in professional assignments and many interpreter-mediated events have been cancelled, i.e. events for which conference interpreters, corporate interpreters and translators, court interpreters or translators, or sign language interpreters are engaged.

Several Italian associations of professional interpreters have launched a joint appeal to national and regional authorities, calling for an extension to professional interpreters throughout Italy of measures already taken by the italian Government to support economic activities, as well as of other relief measures that are currently being examined by the authorities.


A portrait of the Russian interpreter

Portrait of the Russian interpreterBrigitte Evinyan is graduating soon as master in interpreting at the University of Ghent.

During her internship at De Taalsector (thelanguageindustry) she called a few dozen interpreters in Russia. She lets them talk freely about their work, the market, the industry, their aspirations and expectations. Thus she has a mountain of information to process: lots of facts and figures, but also a valuable collection of personal experiences.

With all that material, she then outlines a portrait of the Russian interpreter. Not in the form of a journalistic article, but in the form of a good old-fashioned letter. A letter from interpreter Nikolai to his old Belgian comrade and colleague Mark.

Read along over Mark's shoulder and get a fascinating glimpse into the life of the Russian interpreter.


"Voices from Above": New book about how technology is changing the simultaneous interpreting market

Voices from Above - The Calling of an Interpreter"Voices from Above" tells the story of Eric Bauwelinck, interpreter and owner of Mastervoice, an international interpreting business, and focuses on his personal journey from onsite to online interpreting.

This book is about human language interpreting and its transformation using modern language technology.

"Voices from Above: The Calling of an Interpreter. A Journey from Onsite to Online Interpretation" (146 pages) is inspired by Eric Bauwelinck's own self-made career path, from a community interpreter to a business and conference interpreter, and currently a consultant interpreter organizing interpreting teams with interpreter technology at international meetings. Eric Bauwelinck has been pioneering cloud interpreting since 2010.


VI International Congress on Translation and Interpretation in Public Services in Alcalá de Henares (Spain)

International Congress on Translation and Interpretation in Public ServicesAmid a scenario where cultural diversity, multilingualism and technological advances are incessant, it is necessary to consider new perspectives on translation competence, as well as spot and assimilate the changes that await us.

In 2017 translation professionals and specialized interpretation in the field of public services will meet to expand the barriers that limit the field of intercultural communication, translation and interpretation in public services, in order to modernize and adapt this profession to current needs.


A peek at how interpreters network

A peek at how interpreters networkEveryone networks and, in turn, is networked. Interpreters too. Of course. But how? And with whom? And what do they talk about?

Rebecca Albert is soon to graduate from the University of Ghent as an interpreter and will soon have to find her way round the interpreting industry. Some insight into how interpreters network might come in handy. It was this very aspect that she explored during her internship at The Language Sector: in fact, she refers to it as an adventure. She did not use an online questionnaire, but simply called a few dozen interpreters and asked them about their network. This resulted in a lot of background information, tips and insights into how interpreters really network. In this article, Rebecca reveals all.

Rebecca Albert, Ghent - Dear interpreter, are you an active networker? Or do you think networking is pure nonsense?

How do you get in contact with other interpreters? Where and when do you meet? What kind of information do you exchange? May I also ask if there are any interpreters you admire? Yes please, names would be great.

These are some of the questions that I have asked dozens of interpreters during the last few weeks. Live on the phone in Dutch, English and French I invited them all to share as much information on networking as possible. I interviewed thirty social interpreters, court interpreters and conference interpreters. This is what I discovered.


International Congress on the interpreter's discourse in public services (20 and 21 May 2016, Mons-Belgium)

The interpreter's discourse in public servicesToday, more and more research, in the new field of interpretation in public services, rejects the simple idea that the interpreter is only limited to translating a conversation between two people from one language to another.
The studies suggest that the interpreter is part of a more complex interaction, consisting of different types of activities in which it acts as a participant.

On 20 and 21 May of 2016, the international congress on the interpreter's discourse and its influence on the interaction within the scope of interpretation in public services will take place in Mons (Belgium).


International symposium on wiretap interpreting (april 21, 2016, Antwerp)

International symposium on wiretap interpreting, 21 april 2016 AntwerpOn Thursday 21 april 2016 an international symposium is held on wiretap interpreting in Antwerp.

The number of wiretaps (overheard conversations) has greatly increased over the past few years: from 900 wiretap orders in Belgium in 2002 to 6500 in 2014. To be able to wiretap suspects, the court and the police increasingly need interpreters and translators. With the internationalization of crime, language diversity also increases among suspects, and not just on the streets but also on the phone or on the internet.


Conference on training public service interpreters

enpsit_smilie_faceGhent (Belgium), Giorgio Vassallo - What can be done to ensure that immigrants have access to human rights as well as participate in their new societies? As immigration increases, the use of public service interpreting is also expected to increase, as it is one of the tools used to communicate with immigrants who have not yet learned the local language. How can public service interpreters be properly trained?


Two-day seminar on community interpreting and translation (Paris) European Network for Public Service Interpreting and Translation (ENPSIT) and the Université de Paris-Diderot organize a two-day seminar on June 5 & 6, 2015, in Paris, France: "Beating Babel in multilingual service settings". The seminar focuses on competencies and standardisation, training, testing and accreditation & certification.


Court translators and interpreters alarmdag Justice solidarity

Alarmdag JusticeFriday 20 March 2015 protested in the Brussels Palace of Justice hundreds of judges, lawyers, employees of Justice, legal experts and court translators and interpreters against the savings the Federal Government imposes to Justice. Justice has according to them more resources.


Problem: court interpreters influence trial

Court interpreters influence trialThere is a problem with interpreting in a trial. And not just any kind or problem. The problem is that the interpreter determines the perception of the accused and, better yet, determines the course of the trial. How can that be? Well, Emmanuelle Gallez (KU Leuven) analysed a trial for her doctorate. Very finely, she shows that there is influence and how the influence works. Conclusion? If there is more than one language, there is a problem with the fairness of the trial procedure. High time to make some adjustments?


Dear interpreter, what do you think of your status?

Survey on the status and the self-image of the interpreterPaola Gentile examines at the University of Trieste (Italy) in the framework of her doctorate how the perception of the interpreting trade evolves. She does that from a sociological perspective. How are the role and status of the interpreter perceived? By the general public? And by the interpreters themselves? What do they think of their status?

In order to obtain more insight into the self-image that interpreters have, has Paola Gentile a survey set up. She makes a distinction between conference interpreters on one hand and social interpreters and court interpreters on the other hand. Meanwhile, more than 800 interpreters her survey completed. Now it is the turn of the other interpreters.

Do you work as an interpreter in care, in public or social services, in education, for the police or court? Your participation in the survey of Paola Gentile can contribute to a better understanding of how it is to the interpreting trade and a broader awareness of the social relevance of the profession. Forget after completing the survey not to send an email to Paola Gentile, so that you get when they publish the results of her investigation.


Justice may not pay more interpreters again

Justice may not pay more interpreters againThe autumn is in the country. Time for the annual message on the late payment of the Belgian justice to the court interpreters and translators. This year we read in the interest of Limburg: the budget is on and the interpreters have only their wages in March 2015.


New: stand-by service for court interpreters

Lextra Lingua starts stand-by service for court interpretersLextra Lingua vzw, association of sworn translators and interpreters, starts a stand-by service for court interpreters.

The problem is well known: still less interpreters want to work for Justice or police. Result: police officers often have dozens of people call to find an interpreter. That not only costs time and money. The solution? A stand-by service.


´Professionalisation social interpreters in decisive phase´

Interview with Pascal Rillof, president ENPSIT, European Network for Social Interpreters and TranslationThe Cinderellas of the tolkenbranche. Many interpreters and translators find their colleagues social interpreters and translators but amateurs: or they have no masters degree, or they work at the rates which do not correspond to the image of the conference interpreters, or they have no professional association worthy of the name. Or ...

'We are at a decisive stage for the professionalisation of social interpreters and translation at European level.' That says Pascal Rillof, sectorcoördinator Social interpreters and translation at the crossroads Migratie-Integratie vzw, the organization in Flanders and Brussels social interpreters and translators social qualification, test and certify.

Pascal Rillof speaks following the creation of ENPSIT, the European Network for Social Interpreters and Translation (European Network for Public Service Interpreting and Translation), which is the Intersection sponsor and which Pascal Rillof the wings is president. He is on the floor in an interview with FITISPos, a new international magazine for social interpreters and translation.


EU interpreters share expertise in movies about freelancing

DG SCIC will create whole library educational videos about freelancingDG Interpreters, the tolkenafdeling of the European Commission, is working on a virtual library of educational videos about freelancing. There are now some forty movies free to view.


Instant taalbijstand crowdsourcen with vooyz

Language Our crowd with vooyzVooyz is a crowdsourcingplatform for instant translation, interpretation and other language services.


'Perhaps the various professional associations can work together'

Lextra Lingua interviews Sonia Becq'It would be a good thing if the representatives of the various professional associations proactively proposed a new code of conduct. Perhaps they can also set up a training program?' That is what Sonia Becq (CD&V) says in an interview with Lextra Lingua about the new ethical code for court translators and court interpreters, and the training for candidate cour translators and interpreters.


Honorary doctorate for world authority on community interpreting

Honorary Doctorate UAntwerp for Sandra HaleOn wednesday, 2 April, 2014 the University of Antwerp is awarding its honorary doctorates. Four international scientists may then call themselves honorary doctors of the UAntwerp. One of them is prof. dr. Sandra Hale, world authority on community interpreting.


Vertaler-Tolk in Benelux Union (vacancy)

The Benelux Union has a vacancy for a French-speaking translator-interpreter.


First green light for national register of gerechtsvertalers and interpreters

Room approves national register gerechtsvertalers and interpreters wellThe Chamber of Deputies approved the bill in plenary session of Prescriptive Authority Sonja Becq (CD&V), that the establishment of a national register for gerechtsvertalers and court interpreters. The proposal now goes to the Senate. The approval is a step in the direction of greater legal certainty for speaking litigants and of a proper statute for the sworn translator and interpreter. The approval seems to be not a day too soon. Courts and interpreters save on all sides alarm today. 'It is, however, not that the right quickly to a judgment or an usher put beëdigt a hearing of a suspect to get interpreted?'


There Is a link between tolkvaardigheid and instance for music? (Survey)

Take the survey on the relationship between musicality and tolkvaardigheid?There Is a link between musical instance and tolkvaardigheid? And if so, how strong is the link? There are many ideas and opinions on this subject. The opinions differ widely on say. And you? What you think about this?

Diane Andries, masterstudente in the translation of the University of Antwerp, is the fine of know. In order to obtain more insight into musicality to interpreters designed a questionnaire. That they would like to submit not only to interpreters, but also to other translators and linguists. For its research suggests they all feedback on price. Also the feedback of interpreters, translators and other linguists who find themselves not musical.

You will find the relationship between music and language is also interesting? You also want to know more about? Join the research.


Crash Course For All social interpreters (Brussels, January 2014)

KULeuven - HUBrussel organises beginning 2014 a crash course for all Social interpretersKU Leuven - HUBrussel organises a crash course for all social interpreters beginning 2014 again. The course takes 25 hours, spread over 8 days.


Lextra Lingua organises informatieavond for court interpreters

Lextra-Lingua organises ledendag on 6/9 in AntwerpLextra Lingua Belgica we serve you an attractive vzw, the Belgian association of court interpreters and gerechtsvertalers, organize a ledendag and informatieavond thursday, september 26 in the Courthouse in Antwerp.


Training conference interpreters with emphasis on simultaneous and return

Post-Graduate conference interpretersBrussels is the world capital of the interpreters. The market wants conference interpreters in the first place simultaneously and increasingly also return interpreters. To play in that market demand in organises the Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels (HUB) a training conference interpreters in the Dutch and return.

The training conference interpreters is a postgraduate training: it is open to holders of a masters degree interpreters or other masters degree (language & literature, rights, economy, etc. ). To participate, control of the Dutch on moedertaalniveau and two foreign languages (English, French, German, Italian, Russian or Spanish) to high level required.


VAT on freelancing for courts and police suspended

VAT on tolkprestaties for court and police suspendedTolkprestaties for justice are from July 1, 2013 subject to 21% vat. That decided the vat administration end of May. But now, barely a month after the introduction of the vat - is the decision again suspended, with immediate effect and to January 1, 2014. The tax administration has 'taken note of the fact that the application of the said decision is accompanied by practical difficulties.'

The tax administration will now provide first 'with the representatives of the sector of the court interpreters' and with the Federal Public Service (FOD) Justice to 'to the extent of the possible practical implementing measures to work'.


Organizer for the test center social interpreters and translation (vacancy)

The Crossroads Migratie-Integratie has a vacancy for a scheduler for the test center social interpreters and translation.


Teacher social interpreters (vacancy)

The Crossroads Migratie-Integratie has a vacancy for a lecturer social interpreters.


Televic place shoulders under international tolkenconferentie

Televic place shoulders under international tolkenconferentieHow is the tolkensector at this moment, of the change? How do we define the best interpreters in spe training? And with what solutions offers Televic a reply to these two questions?

These are the key points for the conference 'Talking to the World', a two-day international conference on the tolkvak and the training of interpreters Televic (Izegem) and the University of Newcastle (UK) together.

'Talking to the World' will take place on Wednesday 11 and thursday, september 12, 2013 in Newcastle. Televic occurs as the exclusive sponsor of the conference, and there is a real demonstration of this way.


Interpretation and translation services (procurement)

Wapes ivzw (Brussels) publish two opdrachtaankondigingen: a for interpreting English, French and Spanish, and a translation.


Interpreters for the court from 1 July subject to 21% vat

Interpreters for the court from july subject to vatAll tolkprestaties for the court from 1 July subject to value added tax (VAT). The exemptions from value added tax in accordance with article 44, PARAGRAPH 2, 8° of the Btw-Wetboek are no longer applicable, also not for public sittings.
From 1 July, all tolkprestaties in the context of hearings before it public or not, judicial hearings, behind closed doors or not, police interrogation, drained phone calls, etc. subject to VAT at the standard rate of 21 percent. That is to be read in the decision that the vat administration on fisconetplus has published.
What exactly is essential? And what are the implications?


Infodagen for candidate social interpreters

Infodagen for candidate social interpretersWhat is the profession of social interpreter? Which skills and competencies expected from a social interpreter? The Central Ondersteuningscel social interpreters and translation (COC) of the Crossroads Migratie-Integratie organises wednesday, July 10 in Hasselt a projects presented at the appeal of social interpreter.


`An interpreter can always remain neutral`

S An interpreter can always remain neutralSermon with a (social) interpreter five minutes about neutrality and you fall from one paradox in the other.
'If interpreter can and should i always remain neutral.'
And if one of the parties the other very heavy snubbing?
'Yes, i have a bit that insult if necessary. Issue of the call to keep going.'
If you're still neutral, if you intervene?

Interpreters must at any time be absolutely neutral. That is what we expect of interpreters, also of social interpreters. And that is also completely as the interpreters yourself. Yes, it is stereotypical; you should distance itself from the getolkte call, you must not own opinions on the topic, and you may not show your emotions. In other words You must set yourself outside the call and may be present without really being there. If that is not a paradox.


Social interpreters in the health care (formation)

Social interpreters in health careThe social interpretation and translation service of asbl deSOM (Kortrijk) organises thursday, June 6 in Bruges a studievoormiddag on social interpreters in health care. This training is aimed at all West Flanders clinical staff.


Interpreters for the war crimes tribunal (reading)

Interpreters for the war crimes tribunalThursday 16 May, the Australian professor and include St. Ludmila Cathedral Stern to guest in Antwerp for a reading on interpreters for the war crimes tribunal ( 'Interpreting in war crimes trials - do international courts have all the answers? Post-Nuremberg Tribunal legacy or interpreting practices' ).

The tolkpraktijk on international processes where persons who are persecuted people of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes suspects, has the last half century especially in the process of Nuremberg inspired. Think of the Yugoslavia and Rwanda and the permanent International Criminal Court.


App replaces tolkbriefje at TVcN

TVcN Interpreter AppInterpretation and Translation Center The Netherlands (TVcN) has developed an app that interpreters who work for TVcN tolkopdrachten can easily accept or decline.


Flemish Tolkentelefoon from 1/1/2013: who should pay? And how much?

Flemish Tolkentelefoon from 1/1: who should pay? And how much?On 31 december it is done with the free tolkentelefoon for everyone. The Flemish Tolkentelefoon i.e. Ba-call will the tolkenhonoraria and telephone charges not more subsidised of minister of acclimatization Geert Bourgeois. This will include OCMW's, municipal and urban services, sickness funds but also institutions such as Payoke, Caritas International and Pag Asa now need to bear the cost of the tolkenbijstand they of Ba-bel, the Flemish Tolkentelefoon needs.


Working Group prepares solution tolkenprobleem Justice for

Working Group prepares solution tolkenprobleem Justice forVarious members of the Kamercommissie Justice claimed yesterday questions to the minister of justice Annemie Turtelboom (Open Vld) on the release of a Brazilian Portuguese drugkoerier in the absence of an interpreter, the lack of court interpreters in general and on the statute of the sworn translator or interpreter. The minister replied that there is a working group set up by the transposition of the famous European translation and tolkrichtlijn 2010/64 preparing.


There is no interpreter and an examining magistrate let go drugkoerier

There is no interpreter and an examining magistrate let go drugkoerierSaturday was at a Brussels investigating magistrate a Brazilian lethargy that the police friday night with four kilograms cocaine was intercepted at the airport of Zaventem. In contrast to the police friday night was not the investigating magistrate saturday Portuguese interpreter and showed the investigating magistrate the suspect - according to the lawyer of the suspect after a whole day to have sought - free.

'There is a shortage of court interpreters in our country,' says Henri Boghe, president of Lextra Lingua, association of court interpreters, in the parc newssheet. 'Occasionally, there is an acute problem. Most of the people in the profession exercise business, and thus are not always available. The government must make the application more attractive. Appeal Court Interpreter must be a legally protected, the interpreters must have their own statute, and the training should be harmonized.'

Also the Belgian Chamber of translators, interpreters and Language Teachers (BKVTF) calls on the government in a press release on 'is at last and urgently to consider the statute of the sworn translators and interpreters, who with increasing globalisation and increasingly open borders will become increasingly important for justice'.

'This puts our country in a very bad light. For me this is proof that the sacrosanct position of the investigating magistrate in question must be urgently,' says Brice The Ruyver, professor criminology at the Ghent University, in the morning.


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