Brussels: LT-Swept and Seth Grimes organise LT-Accelerate

LT-Accelerate, december 4-5, 2014 BrusselsLT-Swept and Seth Grimes organise LT-Accelerate?

If you not on the foot follows the language engineering, is that Chinese. Innovate and acceleration are buzzwords, that you know. LT stands for language technology, language engineering. LT-Swept is a platform for the European taaltechnologiesector. And Seth Grimes? He is on the other side of the Ocean a gereputeerd IT analyst and consultant, specialising in hot topics as literal analysis, sentimentanalyse and big data (read: the exploitation of large structured and unstructured data sets).

However, LT-Swept and Seth Grimes on thursday 4 and organise friday, december 5, 2014 together LT-Accelerate. LT-Accelerate is a conference on big data and the language technologies you need to large quantities (especially unstructured) text or voice or conversation on the social media makes sense to analyze and there for you to get value from company, for the public or for scientific research.
O Yes, in Brussels.


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