The First Language Technology Summit in Europe (Brussels 19 June)

The First Language Technology Summit in Europe (Brussels, 19 June)On Tuesday 19 June the LT-Innovate Summit will be held in Brussels, a conference that calls itself 'The First Language Technology Summit in Europe'.

Language technology has the potential to be a significant driving force for the knowledge-based economy. It is language technology which allows for the information and knowledge stored in data - in any given language - to be intelligent and accessible to everyone, understandable and ultimately valuable. Jochen Hummel, president of LT-Innovate (and founder of Trados) summarizes it as following: 'There cannot be a knowledge-based economy without powerful language technology.'

The LT-Innovate Summit invites stakeholders from industry, academia and government as well as investors to network around the potential of language engineering for the knowledge-based economy. The intention is that language technology companies show their technological potential and that then the stakeholders can think of new solutions for the economic and social challenges of the coming decade. The theme of the LT-Innovate Summit is 'Language Technology for Europe 2020 - The Missing Link'.

This conference especially offers space for examples of good practice, for debate on opportunities and barriers and for the development of a common vision for the future.

The detailed program of the LT-Innovate Summit can be consulted via the website below. Speakers, moderators and showcase presenters from Belgium and The Netherlands include William Stevens of Europe Unlimited (Brussels), Ed Kool of Lingvistica (Dongen), Erwin van Lun of (Amsterdam), Jeroen Fransen of Joyrite (Breda), Jakub Zavrel of Textkernel (Amsterdam) and Luc Meertens of CrossLang (Ghent).

LT-Innovate was founded in the beginning of this year. The forum now has over one hundred members, mainly small and medium-sized enterprises that use language technology.

According to Jochen Hummel the European language technology sector is capable of turning the alleged problem of Europe's multilingualism into a strong asset which Europe can benefit from on the world markets. Jochen Hummel: 'The European language technology sector has a solid scientific and technological basis. Language Engineering is of great strategic importance for Europe. Therefore, Europe should cherish its language technology as a crown jewel.'

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