Schrijfassistent-NT2, a new Dutch writing aid software


Ghent (BE), Valentin Descamps - You learn Dutch, but you still have trouble writing without fail or in a beautiful Dutch well cared for?

Or are you a Dutch foreign language teacher and your students still need a boost to write correctly? Santa has thought of you!

Discover now the Schrijfassistent-NT2, designed by the Institute of Living Languages of KU Leuven (Institute voor Levende Talen) in collaboration with the Flemish public radio and television (VRT) and the centre for promoting accessible language "Wablieft" (Centrum voor Duidelijke Taal, Mechelen, BE).

Schrijfassistent-NT2 is a language coach for Dutch foreign language students (NT2).

Its operation is similar to that of the Quebec software Antidote (for French and English). However, it comes in the form of a web application. You just need to insert your text into a window and pass a series of tests. During these tests, you will be made proposals to correct your grammar and spelling. The Schrijfassistent also suggests replacing the "too elementary" expressions used in your text with more precise and idiomatic expressions.

Click on this link,to read our review of the Schrijfassistent-NT2 (in Dutch) published on our website De Taalsector.

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