Can you learn a regional language?

Regional Language ConferenceCan you learn dialect as an adult? Why would you? And how do they?

Can your child learn a regional language and standard language at the same time? Is It maybe even a good brain workout?

These and a lot of other questions about the learning of regional languages are the subject of the regional language conference which takes place on Friday 11 October 2019 in Mechelen (Belgium).


That's how you grab yourself a design award with a dialect dictionary

Dialect dictionary gets design award

Like film stars dream of an Oscar, designers dream of a Design Award by the New York Type Directors Club (TDC). Joep Pohlen of Polka Design (Roermond) obtained such an award. And with a dialect dictionary, to boot: the Thoears Woeardebook. Along with the other winners, the dialect dictionary from the small white town of Thorn, in Limburg, travelled around the world and became a collector's item.


Crowdtyping project should get digital Dictionary Flemish dialects

Crowdtyping project to Dictionary of the Flemish dialects to digitizeOCR (optical character recognition or optical character recognition) is a great technology. But 1700 pages dialectwoordenboek scan, that is other cake. Anyway, that is not with OCR. However, the wording of the Dictionary and will of the Flemish dialects (WVD) its dictionary from the first to the last letter. The solution? A 'crowdtyping' -project.


Where does the Ostend come from?

Where does the Ostend come from?By publishing Zorro (Van Damme) is the book 'Limitless Ostend' of Roland Desnerck yet published. The author explains in this book the origin of 450 Ostend words and expressions.


Dialect draws many people on Erfgoeddag

Votes from the past on Erfgoeddag'The people we do not know, the people have a distorted image of what we do, the people do not see what we are worth.' It is a frequently voiced lament under taalprofessionals, if not the outcome of a survey. 'We have to come out to more together,' than the conclusion. However, to the Gent dialectologen it will not be. Let that pass by without any publieksevenement to come. Last autumn the Science Day, now the Erfgoeddag. The public will have the conscience!


Dieksjenèèr of `t (H)essels (Hasselts dictionary)

Hasselts dictionaryAt Veldeke Hasselt is a comprehensive and fully finished fourth edition of the Hasselts dictionary 'Dieksjenèèr of 't (H)essels' appeared. This operation of Xavier Staelens' dictionary ( 'the Thick Staelens') is the basis of Marco Clerinx, with the assistance of Xavier Staelens itself.


Be.brusseleir unifies Brussels dialectkrachten

Be.brusseleir unifies the forces of the Brussels dialectwerkingBe.brusseleir (say: de bie brusseleir) is the new merger-non-profit association that the Brussels dialect promote with volkstheater, academic projects and events 'to the liking in 't Brussels with the known typical zwans and self-mockery to contribute'.


Seminar on dialects and digitalization (Hasselt, 28/9)

Seminar on dialects and digitalizationA dialectwoordenboek, a survey, a streektaalcursus offer. It can nowadays without paper. But the digital carriers, the tools and the opportunities evolve rapidly.
Who wants a summary of digital applications with speaking heritage, on saturday, september 28 to Hasselt for the seminar "digi-region-language".

What projects are in the Dutch language? What are there just last? Where and how are the results available? And they can inspire you?


New Leuvens Lexicon stores national language for the future

New Leuvens Lexicon stores national language for the futureA representation of a dialectwoordenboek is nowadays a very event. In the Ostend city hall attended last year 450 Ostend people the representation of the Ostend Dictionary of Roland Desnerck at. The day before yesterday was the gothic room of the Leuven town hall too small for the presentation of the 'Leuvens Lexicon'.

'I hope that our dialects will be recognized as a cultural heritage,' said the Leuven cultuurschepen Denise Vandevoort.

A comment about recognize, preserve and securing dialecterfgoed.


2000 Antwerp expressions

2000 Antwerp expressionsBy publishing Artus (Antwerp) is the basis of Freddy Michiels the book 'Antwerp expressions' appeared. It is a zakwoordenboek with approximately 2000 expressions and saws in the Antwerp dialect (and beyond) are common. Many people in the staosse. Note hiël Aantwaarpe mor ni with maa. Note all Chineeze mor ni metden deeze. Da can dingemans broine ni you should wear. Portemennee voe bjain.


Gents Zegswijzenboek

By publishing Artus (Antwerp) is the 'Gents Zegswijzenboek' of Freek Neuscheler yet published. The Gents Zegswijzenboek is full of spells, saws and expressions in the Gent dialect. That frikelkoente altijt impasjenteg woas. That vreiwe oa gien sitting/laying hole * . IJ ee his goaper geloate. IJ es at kiekepuut. ** A lavement Iemant continued. All seins Iemant afdoen. ***


Petition: Government should (examination of) dialecterfgoed support

Petition: Public authorities must dialecterfgoed financial support

Update 31/12/2012: The addressing of the Ghent University, Dutch language of the Flemish government 600,000 euro and of the Dutch State 200,000 euro to the Dictionary of the Flemish dialects (WVD) fully to digitize. More than 10,000 people signed the petition.

(3/10/ 2012) the (Flemish) dialects are precious cultural heritage. They are the result of a centuries old oral taaltraditie: for one and a half millennium they are mercy from generation to generation. That is why they are an important part of our cultural heritage.

In addition, the history of language of Flanders only through the study of the traditional dialects be described. It is therefore urgently necessary to capture the dialects and the existing collections dialectgegevens to keep and open up.


Dialect must attract customers to shopping

Dialect must attract customers to shopping... Of Asprientje toet Swimming trunks.
The handelaarsbond of the Zuidstraat in the West Flanders Veurne has 22 banners with slogans in the dialect of the region on the shopping street. 'It is of course also a little bit the intention that we sell more,' says Marc Feryn, president of the handelaarsbond.
'The idea is not bad and the connect to the large attention that our dialect is,' says Walter Winnock, secretary of the Dialectgenootschap Bacht'n the Kuupe in the parc newssheet.


Courses are holed in national language

National language courses know success(22/3 22/3 22/3 22/3/ 2012) the lessons Brugs that the SNT, the Bruges Center for Adult Education (CVO), organised last year, were calculated on a twenty participants. 'There are more than a hundred become ultimately,' says teacher and journalist Nico Blontrock in an interview with the Standard.

Freek Neyrinck, perfesser Gensch, agrees: 'For my language lessons Gents at the Center for adult learners (CVO) The Bargie was there from the beginning (september 2009) insanely much interest. We had immediately enough tenders for a second, third and fourth classes. It started with a classes for beginners, Gensch veur novices, but soon came the question of the students to a continued. This school year so i have the first course Gensch veur Geveurderden given, but the second course, which begins next week, is also already full. Usually i have 20 to 30 students per course.'


Popular Dialectcursussen, dialect as opvoedtaal still from grace

Popular Dialectcursussen, dialect as opvoedtaal still from grace'If children are brought up in dialect and Dutch at school learning, they can often easier a foreign language learning.' That says Veronique The Tier in a short reportagereeks on the Zeeland dialects on Broadcasting Zealand.


Fourth Flemish Dialectendag on 17 march in Aalter.

Flemish Dialectendag on 17 march in Aalter.The fourth edition of the Flemish Dialectendag is on saturday, March 17 in Aalter. The theme of the day is overgangsdialecten.


New dialectenapp of Canvas can be complete dialectenbibliotheek

New dialectenapp of Canvas can be complete dialectenbibliotheekCanvas, the second television channel of the Flemish public broadcaster, launches a dialectenapp: Man On Word, to the namesake proofing tools that are currently on Canvas running. This app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is an application with voorbeeldzinnen in fifteen Flemish dialects. The essence of the app, however, is that users can leave itself phrases and so the database to a real dialectenbibliotheek can grow. To monitor quality will Canvas all content that users add first check and filter.

Canvas mentions the new dialectenapplicatie not only a means to celebrate the dialects but also a survivalapp. 'From now you can make your perfectly understood in every corner of Flanders, whether you're a stray Limburger in Antwerp, or you will find yourself on a visit in the Westhoek. Order a pint or the local beauty the court: this app does just for you!'


Gents Zakwoordenboek published

Gents zakwoordenboek publishedThursday is in Ghent on the town hall the Gents Zakwoordenboek proposed. It is composed by Freek Neuscheler and issued by the Antwerp publishing Artus. The dictionary discusses 5000 words from the Gent dialect.
'We need to get rid of the idea that the dialect is something of the past,' said Catherine Segers Registered ships. 'The dialect is a part of our heritage that we certainly must preserve.'


Possession published Zakwoordenboek

Possession published ZakwoordenboekAt the city hall in Antwerp is the Possession Zakwoordenboek proposed. It is composed by Freddy Michiels and issued by the Antwerp publishing Artus.
'Correct generally speak in Dutch is important, but it is equally correct speak Possession,' said mayor Patrick Janssens.


Published Nederlands-Oostends Dictionary

In Ostend is the - we know - first vertaalwoordenboek of the Dutch to a dialect proposed: the Dictionary Nederlands-Oostends . The author is Roland Desnerck, forty years ago the Ostend Dictionary made. The boekvoorstelling was a very event; 450 people attended the presentation of the town hall.


And dialectenavond Dialectenbeurs for the good objective

And dialectenavond Dialectenbeurs for the good objectiveOn thursday, november 10 has in Bokrijk (Limburg) the second edition of the Dialectenavond 'Dialec(t) Diploms' place. On the Dialectenavond keeps a dozen known successful Limburger a playful speech to the dialectdiploma in the wait to drag. The proceeds going to the heart of Limburg. To this fun event for the good objective is a dialectenbeurs in advance.


Dutch Dialect Atlas published

The Dutch Dialect AtlasThe Dutch publisher Prometheus / Bert Bakker has published the 'Dutch Dialect Atlas'. This book puts the regional variations of Dutch in words, sounds, word forms, phrases and names on the map - literally. The editing was done by Nicoline van der Sijs with the cooperation of Mathilde Jansen, Marc van Oostendorp, Pieter van Reenen, Ann Marynissen and Jan Stroop. The book is intended for a wide audience.


The dialectcoach

The dialectcoach'The divine sample', a new color tv drama series on the vrt, is in South West Flanders. The actors in this series - 'one of the most ambitious Flemish fictieprojecten ever' - speak West-Vlaams dialect, also the non-West Flanders actors. They have the West-Vlaams with the help of a dialectcoach learned. On the extent to which they have succeeded and of the impact that the produces, it appears that the sharp and divided opinions.


Charge Dialectenboek on surnames available online

Charge Dialectenboek on surnames available onlineIn any Dutch Dialectendag appears traditionally a book with the texts of the readings and with contributions in which the theme of the day a Dutch and Flemish province or region has been developed. The sixth Dutch Dialectendag - and therefore Dialectenboek 6 - went in 2001 (in Alden Biesen) on the reflection of dialects in surnames. Dialectenboek 6 bears the title 'of the Region'. In sixteen articles from across the Dutch-language dialectologen go looking for traces of surnames in local dialect. Of the Region also includes lectures of referee or sports writer Jan Wauters, NIS journaalpresentatrice Brigadier-general Henny van Seat and prof. dr. Magda Devos.

However, the Region is already a few years is no longer available. Because there is often demand, the Foundation has Dutch dialects now decided to make the book available online. You can find the book in pdf (38MB) on the following web sites, and free of charge.


Music in autochthonous & autochthonous in music (conference)

Music in autochthonous & autochthonous in music (conference)Music in autochthonous or dialect is stuck in the elevator. The sixth international streektaalconferentie, on friday, september 23 in Heerde ( Oost-Veluwe ) takes place, is devoted entirely to autochthonous autochthonous in music and music in.


Broadcast about dialect with fifty brick paving is not being on the screen

Broadcast about dialect with fifty brick paving is not being on the screenThe dialect of Zichen-Zussen -Bolder, a municipality of the Limburg Riemst, counts exactly fifty brick paving. That has taalexpert José Cajot a few years ago already calculated. It is now and then retrieve komkommertijd such calculations have been news. Fifty cobblestones, that is better than the Chinese and perhaps a world record, they must at the vrt have thought. We need a broadcast for the meerwaardezoekende Canvaskijker about.


Limburgs Etymologisch Dictionary

Limburgs Etymologisch DictionaryBy publishing Davidsfonds (Leuven) is the 'Limburgs Etymologisch Dictionary on the basis of French Debrabandere yet published. This book describes the origin of the vocabulary of Belgian and Dutch Limburg.


Kill Yourself and nicknames in dialects (book)

Kill Yourself and nicknames in dialects (book)In the series of The Dialectenboek, an initiative of the Foundation Dutch dialects (SND) & vzw Variations, is the book 'Speaking of nature' subtitled 'Aliases and distinct personalities in minority' appeared. The wording is of Veronique The Tier, tonnes of the vineyard and Sarkisian Cologne. This book is about nicknames, scheldnamen and the way in which we in dialects and minority typifies someone's distinct personalities.


Dictionary Flemish dialects enables delivery of human body for

Dictionary Flemish dialects enables delivery of human body forThursday is in Ghent a new delivery of the Dictionary of the Flemish dialects (WVD) proposed, devoted to the dialectwoordenschat in connection with the human body. The WVD is a project of the Ghent University and inventory since 1972 the dialectwoordenschat of West-, East-, French- and Zeeuws-Vlaanderen .


New course Mechels dialect

In the local complemented The Schedule in Mechelen is a new course friday, January 28 Mechels dialect of start.


Niels and Asser`s Pictures spreekwoordenboek

On wednesday, november 17 persvoorstelling took the place of the 'Spraekwuurde spreekwoordenboek gezagde your tablet pc and Shaft and Neel' of Jules Meermans, with 3052 sayings in the Niels (and Asser's Pictures) dialect.


Houthalens dialectwoordenboek

On thursday, October 20 express my sorrow was in the Houthalens dialectwoordenboek 'Hôtels' of the late Lom Rekkers, with more than 10,000 words and 1400 sayings in the Houthalens dialect, presented.


Dialect on your plate

In the library of the Vlaams-Brabantse municipality Alsemberg (Residing at Beersel) still running to tuesday, november 30 the exhibition 'Dialect on your plate'.


Published West-Vlaams Zakwoordenboek

Published West-Vlaams ZakwoordenboekAt the Antwerp publishing Artus is the West-Vlaams Zakwoordenboek yet published. The composer is French Debrabandere.

'Are koeketiene was getutematooid and heuren anhouder had its hoerejagerke. They drunk ottoman and ate stikskes cheese with rijstepiet or wipkul. Z'ate first soessels and tonnes korteletten with parapluutjes and sugar, paret and kadul. Derachter costs they choose tusschen verdjuus, fitematrullen, nunneschitjes and kruudkoeken, hetekoeken or palullen with tente and mente.'


Brabant etymologisch dictionary

Brabant etymologisch dictionaryBy publishing Davidsfonds (Leuven) is the Brabant etymologisch dictionary yet published. It is the basis of French Debrabandere. This etymologisch dictionary (590 p. ) describes the origin of the vocabulary of Antwerp, Brussels, Noord-Brabant and Brabant Flamand.


VDAB remains ` West-Vlams voe behunners` offer

VDAB remains ' West-Vlams voe behunners' offerThe VDAB (Flemish Public Employment Service) will start next year for the fourth time a course ' West-Vlams voe behunners' ( West-Vlaams for beginners) setting. 'The lessons are not intended as entertainment. We also get from companies the question to which courses to continue setting up.' That says Annelies Beck, service manager for Dutch to the VDAB.


Has the use of autochthonous added value in the health care sector? (Conference)

Friday, september 24 at Enschede in the Netherlands is the fifth international Streektaalconferentie held. The theme is: 'Autochthonous in the care'.

'Is the trusted autochthonous an indispensable and valuable instrument for the emotions of a patient, which already is put to the test by disease or other defects?' On this question the fifth Streektaalconferentie tries to give a reply.


29/5 Koksijde: third Flemish Dialectendag

29/5 Koksijde: third Flemish Dialectendag(10/5/ 2010) the third edition of the Flemish Dialectendag has this year on saturday, May 29 in Koksijde. The Flemish Dialectendag is a biennial ontmoetingsdag for dialectverenigingen and dialectliefhebbers, organised by koepelvereniging asbl variations. This year asbl Variations works together with the Dialectgenootschap Bachten the Kupe, an association which dialect of the Kupe Bachten to examine, and that the knowledge and the use of their determination to maintain and encourage.


Dictionary of the Asses online

Dictionary of the Asses onlineThe Dictionary of the Asses slacken the Diksjonêr of 't Asses of Lode Pletinckx appeared in 2003 and was immediately sold out. Who could obtain when no hardcopy edition, can now find his favorite words via the internet.


`Enormous interest just the proof that the poor are with us dialect`

Enormous interest just the proof that the poor with our dialect(17/9/ 2009) Sunday is in Ronse a miss in the Ronsese dialect read and sung. The latest course Gents dialect was booked and in less than 3 hours in The Netherlands extends the Dialectpop Festival, an organization of the Foundation Dutch Minority and dialects, rural. Never there was so much interest in the dialect.


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