Language solutions that make the museum accessible for blind and partially sighted people

Language solutions that make the museum accessible for blind and partially sighted peopleNowadays there a lot about accessibility and inclusion thought, but how is it actually in practice?

Many museums experiment with all kinds of methods to blind people access to their collections. They use, among other things, guides, audio guides and image interpreters.

What do these solutions? What works well? What problems are there? An article on accessibility solutions for blind and partially sighted people in museums.


University of Antwerp launches OPEN, Centre of Expertise for Accessible Media and Culture

UAntwerpen launches OPENThe University of Antwerp is launching OPEN today, a new centre of expertise around accessibility.

OPEN, the Centre of Expertise for Accessible Media and Culture is to be a point of contact for anyone who wants to eliminate physical, sensory and linguistic barriers and promote accessibility: wheelchair accessibility, but also closed captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing, sign interpreters, audio description of film and theatre for the blind and partially sighted, live subtitling for lectures, relaxed performances for people with a mental limitation, and so on.


Italy is among the few European countries that have not yet officially recognised their sign language

Recognition LISTo date, the Italian Sign Language (LIS) hasn't gained any national recognition, although the legislative process for its formalisation started in 2015.

Italy is thus the only country, along with Luxembourg, not to have officially recognised its own sign language, although the European Parliament voted in favour of the recognition of national sign languages as far back as 1998 and, more recently, in 2016.


Dossier "Language and accessibility"

Dossier language and AccessibilityDear language professionals,

Here's something you may not know. A study by Istat and Lega del Filo d'Oro from 2016 revealed that in Italy, 1.7 million people suffer from visual or hearing impairment. Almost two hundred thousand of these people are deafblind. The statistic contradicts the previous estimates, which estimated the deafblind to be a few thousand individuals.


The language of accessibility

The language of accessibilityMore and more language professionals provide language solutions for people who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind or who have low vision. They describe images, interpret in and out of a sign language, develop speech technology etc.

The general public knows the work of these language professionals mainly from film and television. Blind and partially sighted people get to hear a description of what is happening on the screen for more and more Flemish movies . And on television, many programs are available with subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Who are the users of all these language solutions? What explains that more and more language professionals earn their living with these language solutions? What is the profile of those professionals? And why is this whole evolution also interesting for you?

In seven articles, I will take you on a walk through the world of accessibility. We look at the users and what they need, at the language professionals, and the techniques and technologies that help ensure that everyone has equal access to information, public services, culture, leisure and social interaction. Finally, we'll also have a look at the market. The demand for language accessibility solutions is perhaps larger than you might expect.


The importance of accessibility

The importance of accessibilityHow important is accessibility? Is it a right? And how does it feel to actually get somewhere no access?



Accessibility are looking for experience

The importance of accessibility is often underestimated. After all, it is difficult to think about as you have access to everything. How do you know for example the importance of braille for the blind is, as you all can see?


Accessibility meets diverse needs

Accessibility meets diverse needsA lot of language professionals with a language service or product offer a concrete solution to people no access to it. This language services and products are primarily intended for blind, partially sighted, deaf or hearing-impaired users. However, we see this target group increasingly wide. And that also brings more and more various needs and wishes with itself.


Integrated language solutions: inclusive approach pays off

Integrated language solutions: inclusive approach pays offThe solutions that make up language arsenal of language professionals can draw upon to solve accessibility problems is steadily growing. The solutions are becoming more creative and more innovative, and can often also be offered in a variety of ways.

The solution might be a whole new product, that stands on its own. Or it may be an option in to an existing product. Or the language solution can be completely integrated in the original product. The last approach keeps all from the outset with accessibility and prevents so the problem in the place of the to ' cure '.


The accessibility professional

The accessibility professionalMore and more frequently called on to language professionals with targeted language solutions barriers for people who do not see everything, hear or perceive.

Who are those language professionals who specialize in accessibility services? How do you become an accessibility professional? What should you know? What you should be able to? Where can you learn the box? In short, how does this new professional look like? Time for a sketch of the professional profile of the accessibility professional.


The language of the accessibility solutions professional

The language of the accessibility solutions professionalPersons or organizations that are faced with limited access, can an accessibility professional. Also if a product or service on the market or organising an event and have any questions on the accessibility of its product, service or event, the experience of an accessibility professional attention.


Creative reading

The accessibility professional will always analyze the accessibility problem first and then a suitable solution. Sometimes a standard solution, but often the creative music with various possible solutions. This article will give you a glimpse into the puzzle box of the accessibility professional. Which puzzle pieces are all in there? What can you do as a professional? How can you have the end user, the events organizer, developer, the product or the service provider? And how are the puzzle pieces may be combined? Each puzzle piece is a language solution. The accessibility professional can always supplement with new puzzle box are puzzle pieces.


Accessibility is business

Accessibility is businessThe trend is clear: for several years, the government has been demanding more effort in the field of accessibility by organisations, companies, and the government itself. But for more and more people, the government is not fast enough.

Especially the baby boomers are no longer waiting for the government. They are beginning to experience restrictions and have the money to buy their own language solutions. Many of them see the language solutions that the language sector develops not only as a solution to an accessibility problem. Increasingly, they use language solutions as a commodity, a utensil that increases comfort, safety or even status. A product like all other products on the market.


The era of the Italian dubbing-a brief summary of why and how

The era of the Italian dubbing Ghent, August 19, 2016, Felien Mignon-growing up in Flanders, where subtitles are taken for granted, it's hard for me to accept that there are still countries where dubbing is used in film and television. In 2016 we should dare to say enough with the dubbing. We are in the age of the Internet where English is the lingua franca, and among the audience (Italian) demand a greater supply of films not dubbed.


International symposium on the accessibility of live events (april 29, 2016, Antwerp)

Unlimited! Symposium on the accessibility of live eventsA picture is often worth a thousand words. A simple sound can sometimes move us. But what if you're blind? Or deaf? A hearing impaired person can enjoy a rock concert at Werchter? Can a partially sighted a volleyball match really experience?

On Friday 29 april 2016 organizes the Antwerp TricS research group under the name Unlimited! a first international symposium on the accessibility of live events.


Translate man still at the VRT

Need subtitling at VRT man yet'Increasingly, translations for the commercial market the work of the ordinary viewer. Unfortunately, often with consequences for the quality. With these developments we will provisionally not.' That says Sara Brouckaert, editor-translation, open subtitles and program editing in the VRT in an open letter to the editors of the Standard.


Subtitling (from 21/5, Brussels)

KU Leuven - HUBrussel offers a training Subtitles on, from 21 may spread over 4 nightsSubtitling is a very specific form of translation. A good way to learn, is available immediately hands-on getting started with professional ondertitelingssoftware. That may to the KU Leuven - HUBrussel, where from may 21, 2014 and spread over four evenings a training subtitling is running.


Ondertitelaars at the VRT (vacancy)

The VRT is looking for a few ondertitelaars.


Tickets available for theater show ´Van den vos´ with audiodescription

Tickets available for theater show "Van den vos" with audiodescriptionAll shows of Van den Vos, the theater show by FC Bergman at Toneelhuis in the Antwerp Bourlaschouwburg are sold out, but for the Sunday afternoon show on December 15 an number of tickets with audio description (AD) (for the blind and visually impaired) are still available.


Learn subtitling? (Training)

Training subtitling with SwiftIn the latest version of four evenings ondertitelingssoftware Swift mastering?


Artesis organises four workshops on audio description with your

Artesis organises four workshops on audio description with yourThe department of translators and interpreters of the Artesis Hogeschool Antwerp organises next spring a series of four workshops on audio description with your (AD) or audiobeschrijving. A basisworkshop and three specific workshops on audiobeschrijving for film and television, theater, and museums. Audio Description With Your is stuck in the elevator.


The ideal profile of the T888 `there

The ideal profile of the T888 'there'The ideal profile is a person with a large linguistic knowledge, a tolkachtergrond and then even a large knowledge of actua and sport. At the last collection during the selection process we have tried to put the emphasis on people who already had tolkervaring.' That says Gunter Saerens, head of the ondertitelingsdienst T888 to the VRT, in an interview with Patrick Rondou in The Linguistic, on the ideal profile of the T888 'there.


VRT ondertitelt 94% of the Dutch language programs

VRT ondertitelt 94% of the Dutch language programsThe Flemish public broadcaster VRT ondertitelt currently 94 percent of the Dutch television programs. The broadcaster is doing that as much as possible through closed captioning (teletext 888). Since short is also SBS, that the commercial channels Four and FIVE spans, with closed captioning of Dutch language programs started. VTM ondertitelt since early september all news live, also via closed captioning.


About three years half more ondertitelwerk in commercial channels

About three years half more ondertitelwerk in commercial channelsIn Flanders life approximately 800,000 people with auditory and approximately 198,000 people with a visual disability. The access to tv programs as accessible as possible, the Flemish government on the proposal of mediaminister Ingrid Left (SP.A) approved a decision on principle more subtitles, more Flemish Sign Language, more and more audio description with your voice subtitle on the Flemish commercial tv channels.


Susanne Verberk as CEO provides Golden Boomstoet of audio description with your

Susanne Verberk as CEO provides Golden Boomstoet of audio description with yourOn 19 and 26 August, the five-year Praalstoet again of the Golden Tree Bruges. Susanne Verberk as CEO (Nevero, Brussels) will the procession of audio description with your. For the province of West Flanders is a first and a pilot project: 'If the system is successful, we can also to other stoeten, and that there are many in our province, apply.'


The blind and visually impaired can listen to seizoensbrochure CC The Core

The blind and visually impaired can listen to seizoensbrochure CC The CoreEach year in june send all their new seizoensbrochures cultural centers. The culture that is visually is limited, however, has very little to this printed brochures. In order to reach for all the documents The core in the municipality of Wilrijk Antwerp are seizoensbrochure luisterbrochure 2012-2013 to an attractive for blind and partially sighted recast.


Audio Description With Your is slowly

Audio Description With Your is slowly'The whole phenomenon is slowly: there are what dvd's, what movies, there is Witse on tv. Meanwhile there is also a twenty museums in Flanders who regularly do something around audiobeschrijving.' That says Gert Vercauteren in an interview with the Linguistic, the institution of the Belgian Chamber of translators, interpreters and Language Teachers (BKVTF). Gert Vercauteren is working on a phd on audiobeschrijving.


Artesis and VRT cooperate on European handbook for quality audio description with your

Artesis and VRT cooperate on European handbook for quality audio description with yourBelgium has approximately 100,000 inhabitants and a multiple blind visually impaired. Their number will increase in the future; the people are living longer, more ouderdomsgerelateerde diseases (such as sight) with. This also means that the demand will increase to various forms of assistance to access audiovisual media. It is expected that more and more media to blind and visually impaired audio description with your (AD or audiobeschrijving) will provide.

Because the situation and the foreseeable trend developments in Belgium is not fundamentally different than in other EU countries, it would be desirable that the preparation of reliable directives and quality standards for good audio description with your at European level. And that is exactly what the department of translators and interpreters of the Artesis Hogeschool Antwerp, the VRT and some European partners currently work together. They do that in the context of ADLAB, a three-year research project (2011-2014) that is financed by the European Union in the context of the Lifelong Learning Program (LLP). ADLAB stands for Audio Description: Lifelong Access for the Blind (ADLAB).


Witse now also to follow with audio description with your

Witse now also to follow with audio description with yourSunday start the last season of the Flemish politiereeks Witse with a first. It will then be the first time that the VRT a tv program broadcast with audio description with your (AD). A plays the detective story will make it easier to follow for the blind and visually impaired. 'By rolling meadows and wheat fields runs a wagon with commissioner Witse behind the wheel. The massive tower of the basilica Halse watches over the "Pajottenland" Region,' says the voice in the intro.


Training subtitling

Training subtitlingThe Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussels (HUB) organises a training subtitling (English> Dutch). The training is seen as a workshop in easy steps to get started with the ondertitelingssoftware Swift.


On the beneficial effects of subtitles

On the beneficial effects of subtitlesThe European Commission decided in 2009 to order a scientific research for a better understanding of the use of subtitles on television and in the cinema in Europe. The Commission wanted to know more exactly what potential subtitles the learning of foreign languages to encourage and to improve the control of foreign languages. Today, the results of this study. The researchers advise to stimulate the use of subtitles.


The Netherlands: almost all the tv programs with spoken subtitles in 2012

The Netherlands: almost all the tv programs with spoken subtitles in 2012'The blind and partially sighted people should be able to participate fully in society. Spoken subtitles in the programs of the national public broadcaster can make a major contribution toward.' Writes that the Dutch minister of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) Marja van Bijsterveldt-Vliegenthart in a letter about voice subtitles to the Second Room. Using OCR to the Dutch public broadcasting (NPO - Netherlands 1, 2 and 3) the number of programs with spoken subtitles by next year to increase from 85 to 95 percent.


(Update) Live subtitles with voice recognition (symposium)

Live subtitles with voice recognition (symposium)(Update) On friday, October 21 is an international symposium held in Antwerp on live subtitles with voice recognition. The subtitling live tv programs for deaf and hard of hearing is happening today about standard with voice recognition (via the technique of the respeaken), instead of with special keyboards with keyboard shortcuts.


Minister interrogates Mediacommissie Flemish Parliament on flagrant translation errors in the VRT

Minister interrogates Mediacommissie Flemish Parliament on flagrant translation errors in the VRT'Of course this falls under the journalistic responsibility. It is the journalist, the final editing and the editorial board who have the responsibility, as is the case for other errors in the messaging sneaking.'
'The editorial board of the news service has the directive given to specific to the Japanese the translations additional to check in, for example by telephone, by a professional translator, if the time is short.'

That replied Flemish mediaminister Ingrid Showed thursday in the mediacommissie of the Flemish Parliament on various questions to explain the flagrant translation errors and the false subtitles that the VRT produced on several occasions in the past period footage from Japan on the earthquake, the tsunami and the disaster. According to the prime minister is undermining the credibility of the erroneous subtitle the VRT news service.


VRT remains tampering with Japanese subtitles

VRT remains tampering with Japanese subtitlesThe VRT succeeds there but not in the Japanese from the floor in the reporting of the disasters in Japan correctly to subtitling. An attentive viewer again yesterday posted a clip from YouTube showing that what the viewer will get to read absolutely not correspond with what is said. It is now embarrassing.


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